OnePlus X vs OnePlus 2 : The battle of low budget phones

OnePlus X

OnePlus has recently revealed its new model and this is OnePlus X . This phone is boosting up the market and this is one of the most budget handed phones in the market amongst top Smartphones companies and also cheapest phone from OnePlus . Just a few months ago OnePlus has revealed OnePlus 2 , one of the most adorable phone with many exciting features inclusive of Finger print scanner which reminds you of using an Apple iPhone .
But the launch of OnePlus X have arisen conflict between OnePlus 2 that which is best budget phone . Lets see which is best and which suits you best .

OnePlus 2

Design Matters….

The OnePlus X better known for its style is coming in two fragments . One is Onyx glass and the other one is fired Ceramic . The weight of the glass version is 136 gms but for Fired Ceramic it is little heavy .
Coming on to OnePlus 2 , this phone is an ugly phone as compared to OnePlus X . Its design is not up to the mark as that of OnePlus X . But you can say that it is a descent looking phone .


OnePlus has sacrificed the screen size in OnePlus X . In place of 5.5 inches , it is only 5.0 inches . But the Screen resolution has improved in this new product . OnePlus is featuring OLED(Organic Light Emitting Diode) rather than LCD . In terms of ppi it has been improved a lot from its previous model i.e 401 ppi to 441 ppi .

How capable both are ?

When talk in terms of power and performance  OnePlus X has got the Qualcomm Snapdragon 801 but OnePlus 2 has 810 .
However the RAM given with OnePlus X is “3 GB “ but OnePlus 2 has 4GB . The difference is not so far but you can see problems when you play games (high quality / flash games ) .
OnePlus X is only about The Style and nothing else . I would recommend to opt for OnePlus 2 for better performance .

Camera Performance

The camera in the OnePlus X and 2 are both 13MP sensors, and while the new one is made by Samsung it's not in the same category of the OnePlus 2.
The key here is low-light performance, with the f/2.2 of the X nowhere near the f/2.0 of the OnePlus 2, which also looks likely to have larger pixels too.
The X does have a better front-facing camera though, if selfies are your thing.

Missing Features

There are a lot more features which you would probably miss while using the phone . A good news for OnePlus users . OnePlus X has microSD slot having expandable memory up to 128GB . Now no need to worry about storing films in memory card . Store and play frequently .
Radio feature is also provided in OnePlus X which is missing in OnePlus 2 .
The Finger print scanner is missing from OnePlus X but is has much better security features than any other Smartphones .

Battery : Which one lasts for how long ?

The OnePlus 2 trounces the X in terms of battery size: the 2525mAh of the latter dwarfed by the 3300mAh power pack thrown into the older phone.
Using that older processor might, possibly, lead to some battery savings thanks to being only needed to push four cores, but they're clocked to a much higher speed (2.6GHz compared to the 1.58GHz of the hardest-working of the octa-core in the OP2) so the savings might not be that high.
Just don't be surprised when the battery tests show that the OnePlus 2 is miles better than the X in terms of battery life.

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