LG to make debut with two sided TV

At IFA consumer electronics show

LG a famous brand best known for TV's is all set to launch its doubly side television screen . Other technologies company has previously tried 3D televisions , curved tv's and ultra HD tv but hatsoff to LG for using this technology and crowd says that it will be a huge success for LG .


Every product has its benefits. As the name suggest , this doubly side television will allow to watch two different video at same time . Two videos at same time ??? Something ridiculous . But yes , this is really true . This idea of two sided Tv's will reduce the conflicts which are common to the houses whether it is between Husband - Wife or Brother -Sister regarding their shows or Tv serials . There are certain cases that two of them have their shows at same time . Therefore in that circumstances one has to sacrifice . From now this will not be possible when you will buy this Next Gen Television .
Expectations are high with this Next Gen Tv


However the exact name for this television has yet not given by the company but this television comes in two sizes 111 inches and 55 inches and they both uses the OLED technology . The smallest version is just 5.3 inches thick . Very less details are  provided by the company .

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