IPad Pro - Monster Screen


Apple has debuted a pair of new iPads on Wednesday: the larger iPad Pro and a new iPad mini. As announced by apple that the base model of iPad Pro will likely ship with 64GB of storage, which
is substantially more space than the 16GB base models of the iPad Air and iPad mini lines. Apple will also sell a pricier 128GB model. The device will run iOS 9.1, the first full point release to iOS 9.

The new  we’re told that the iPad Pro is likely to ship in the prior Gold, Silver, and Space Grey variations to start.As with the iPad Air and Mini lines, the Pro will be available with built-in
LTE capabilities.
Speaking of the larger screen, we have been told that the 12.9-inch display is a “monster.” To give it truly “Pro” capabilities, the iPad Pro’s landscape split-screen mode will be bolstered to allow two full-sized portrait iPad apps to be displayed. This is unlike the split-screen mode on the iPad Air 2 and upcoming iPad mini 4 that condenses portrait iPad apps to fit side-by-side in landscape mode. The iPad Pro will include an A9X chip, which we’ve heard will be a “large” leap over the Air 2’s A8X. It will also have four stereo speakers, but a single Lightning port on the bottom.

 * more details will be updated soon*
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