Canon 5D Mark III : Just awesome DSLR

Canon 5D Mark III , one of the most brilliant build up DSLR by Canon and also successor of Mark II which released in 2008 much got many views but didn't break up the records of Mark III . Built on the success of the 5D Mark II and featuring the most advanced autofocus system Canon has released to date from its EOS-1D X line, the Canon 5D Mark III is a rather promising upgrade to the 5D line. With an enhanced image sensor with ISO 100 to 25,600 native ISO range, fully weather-sealed camera body, 6 fps burst shooting speed and dual card support, the 5D Mark III seems to target all kinds of photography – from landscapes and fashion to sports and wildlife photography.
By the time Canon actually announced the EOS 5D Mark III on March 2 2012, its specification seemed almost a bit of a letdown, especially priced at £2,999 in the UK and $3,499 in the US for the body only. Well it can be said that it is must a fabulous look for camera .

Inview Specifications

Mark III sensor has only 1.2MP more than 21.2MP Canon EOS 5D Mk II that it replaces, but it
has 4.2MP more than the 18.1MP Canon EOS-1DX at the top of Canon's DSLR lineup .
The Canon EOS 5D Mark III has the same 61-point wide-area autofocus system as the flagship Canon EOS-1DX. This is a big improvement on the Canon EOS 5D Mark II, which has nine user selectable AF points and six assist points, giving a total of 15.

Video Capability

Its video capability was one of the big successes of the Canon EOS 5D Mark II, and Canon hasn't changed much of its specification for the Mark III version, but there are some significant improvements.Sensitivity may be set in the range of ISO 100-25600 in 1/3-stop or whole stop increments, and it can be expanded to include L: ISO 50, H1: ISO 51200, H2 ISO 102400

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