Logitech launches K480 wireless keyboard at Rs. 2,795

Technology is increasing day by day . Gone are the days where typewriters are given respect for typing letters . After typewriters its successor Keyboard came into existence with POP3 version . Then came USB version . But now all things are going wireless . Ex - Wireless headphone , Wireless music system and many more . However wireless keyboard is not at all new in the market . The keyboard developer company Logitech has recently launched its new model K480 . In India it is expected to come on 15th July officially .

It is the first desk keyboard which can connect three different Bluetooth devices simultaneously at once and it supports Windows , Mac , Android and also iOS. Logitech K480 has a full-size keyboard with keys laid out in standard format which makes typing experience really good.Running via Bluetooth the device should last you about a couple of months (depends on usage) and its multi-device support comes as a huge advantage.

K 480 will cost Rs. 2,795 and will be available officially on Logitech website from 15th July 2015 .

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