Windows 10 : Know what is new this time

Microsoft is already set to release Windows 10 on 29th July 2015 . Just one month remaining . It is for the first time that Windows 10 will include Windows Mobile and Xbox.

"This time Microsoft is not following the pattern of previous Windows releases. Windows 10 marks the beginning of Windows as a Service"
                                                                                          -      VP TERRY MYERSON 

Easily upgradation is given by Microsoft for Windows 8 users which saves time for installation . Once it is upgraded it will continue to keep it current for supported lifetime of the device. Windows 7 users will also get an upgrade to Windows 10 . On the desktop side Windows 10 preview seems to be fairly solid and compatibility with existing desktop app is good .The Edge browser which is a new creation may cause certain issues . Edge is a big and great advantage over IE 11 (INTERNET EXPLORER ) which slows down the current browser .

System and Security

Windows 1 is incorporating multi -factor authentication technologies which is based upon standards developed by FIDO Alliance . The operating system will also includes improved support for biometric authentication through the "Windows Hello" and "Passport" platforms . To reduce the storage footprint of the system Windows 10 will automatically compress files. The system can reduced the storage footprint of Windows by approximately 1.5 GB for 32 bit system and 2.6 GB for 64 bit system.

Multimedia and Gaming 

Xbox ecosystem an updated Xbox app that allows users to browse their game library ( include both PC and Xbox console games ) . Also Game DVR is also available using the Keyboard shortcut which allows users to save the last 30 seconds of gameplay as a video that can be shared Xbox Live .

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