Sony SmartBand 2 App : Leaked on Playstore

Sony SmartBand 2 App has been found leaked on Playstore yesterday. It is amazing to see how is it possible for such a brand value company to launch its app before its launch. Is this a publicity. Anything can be possible . Earlier when launching its previous model i.e SmartBand , the company releases the app on the next day just after the launching.

Sony's SmartBands are very useful in tracking the daily activities of the human's life. Its new model i.e SmartBand 2 comes with heart rate monitor which day by day checks your heart efficiency. Enabled with boosted health tracker essential features which keeps you updated as the new features comes . It is featured with sensor monitor system . When you are sleeping it automatically notifies itself that you are in sleeping mode . Therefore all the messages , notifications will come in vibration mode or in silent mode.
Well its launching date is not confirmed yet but it shocked many of us by publishing its app on Playstore.
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