Google Photos : Now no need of Google+

Google Photos has recently announced at the company's Google IO 2015 event in San Francisco which offers many new features such as unlimited storage and also has the ability to see organize and edit their photos an any devices. This is quite a good useful tool for Android users or you can say that this is more than just a social tool for smartphone users. Regular camera users can now use Google Photos to back up , share and also edit their pictures also.


Earlier Google+ restricted you to images 2048 pixels wide or high whereas Google Photos raises to that of 16.0 Megapixels. But it is not beneficial to DSLR users who are having more than 16.0 megapixels as Google Photos will not provide you backup system. It is also using the technology to explore photos by location . Suppose you are taking picture at 1:00 pm in Sydney then google will show exact time and details on the picture. This shows its accuracy.

How to use ?

Using Google Photos is not a big deal . The only thing you should have is to just setup a Gmail account. After logging in it just go to the following link . 

While using it on your android mobile , download the Google app and synchronises all the photos which are present on your mobile.

All I can say is that its a Good and Creative Approach by Google.

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