If you are not liking Still photos in your NewsFeed and you want them to get replaced . Then Facebook brings a smile for you. Facebook will soon be going to launch the moving images or Sliding images in your Newsfeed. This can all be made with the use of GIF Technology.

What is GIF Technology ?

GIF stands for Graphic Interchange Format. It consists of Animated Images. An animated images generally comprises of multiples of high definition animated images that moves in a consecutive loops . This GIF technology is not new to India. Earlier it has been used by many top websites like Twitter , Tumbler , Reddit and also BuzzFeed.
The GIF Technology was first invented in 1987 by STEVE WILHET. In GIF the picture slides upto some seconds and some particular moment is repeated again and again.

How to use it ? 

If you like a picture ,just copy the image URL and post in the Facebook Status Box. Thereafter you can see moving pictures . But it will be visible to you only . If your friend clicks on the link provided by you , then only he can see the GIF Technology. Earlier it was a tough task to use it in Facebook , as when someone posted the link the link will take to the other website which is quite humiliating.

Making your GIF 

GIF file can easily be made by taking help from different  websites and applications. One such website is www.makeagif.com. This website is really  useful as it includes YouTube , Webcams by which steel photograph has been made easy using GIF Technology.
You can also try with www.giphy.com.

Making GIF with YOUTUBE

If you are planning to make GIF image using YouTube , then in place of www.youtube.com replace it with www.gifyoutube.com. You can make image upto 15 seconds .

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