Pebble Time Review: The Smartwatch that is immaculate for Android Users

Pebble Time . You might be little confused about this name but let me tell you that the smartwatches for Android users wasn't developed by Google. Surprised !!! . Lets honour Pebble time for this. The latest from company that pioneered the idea of a wristwatch for smartphone alert messages or notifications. The pebble smartwatch looks quite pleasant than that of Google's own android wear watches . But if u compare it with Apple then you must know that Apple's shiny new object only works with iPhone and its costs is beyond $200.

Pebble Time watch is a featherweight. It is made of largely of plastic-everything but the glass watch face and the grey stainless steel. When you wear it it will give u a toy like feeling . Not only feeling you will definitely be remind of your school days when classmates are always jealous of whose watch is best .


I really like the Pebble Time looks . The rounded , rectangular glass face . It might not be good as Apple watch or LG's Urbane but it is really handsome.
Pebble design its watch interface using the analogy of timeline. The top right buttons contains all the relevant information about recent alerts, news items, past calendar events . The bottom right buttons include upcoming events , games ,etc. The lone left button always takes you back a step while the middle right button serves as an OK or Enter Key.

                                                           Budget Friendly Smartwatch

People's View

Pebble has a narrower vision of how a smartwatches can be ? . Pebble watches gives you a much relief by not taking mobile phones as maximum work can be done by Pebble only. Setting Alarms to sending text messages or to receiving notifications all can be done in one go by Pebble.
Worried about battery consumption  !!!. The pebble watches can lasts upto a week time. 
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