Today when everyone requires more security in their life whether in terms of their personal files , cars , Houses etc or to find someone . This was a bit difficult task to hold these into a single title network. Therefore all it made possible by AMBER ALERT GPS SYSTEM. This Spy gadget is a powerful tool for the kids as parents are mostly worried about their kids as in today's era mostly kidnappers , thieves created fear among parents. This GPS Tracker has a two way calling , panic button and live tracking button enabled. Like every other gadget AMBER ALERT is a real time gadget . It means you can access the exact location on map . Many other trackers usually update within a week and its time taking also which create a nuisance . But in AMBER ALERT GPS SYSTEM the update interval is 5 mins only. Amber Alert System is ring free. It doesn't ring when there is some notifications coming. Its most specially feature allows you to call by a single phone number with choice of yours.
For monthly uses its all functionality it will cost you $15.


Amber alert SOS button is also enabled . If someone presses it then it can send text messages and also the location of his / her on your phone . A maximum of 10 devices is accepted under this feature.
Another inbuilt feature is predator alert . When you will enable this feature it will easily let you know about the unknown person coming nearby to your house.


This Spy gadget has garage door opener. It has micro - USB port for charging. Tight fitting covers for power and SIM card ports. The battery lasts upto 42 hours . Motion activated tracking is enabled which means when you are not moving , it automatically goes onto sleep mode.
This gadget is available in four colours i.e GREEN , BLUE , PINK , BLACK


* Dimensions :- H :2.8" , L:1.5", W: 8"
* Weight :- 2.35 ounces
* Standard Battery :- 880 mAH Rechargeable battery Lithium ion
* Battery Life :- Lasts upto 42 hrs.
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